Fully equipped for you to enjoy

​A recording studio in Suffolk 

Creating our own recording studio has been a passion

Having worked in the music industry for many years, organising bands, gigs and various events we had the perfect opportunity to combine our passion with earning a living. Although we didn't step away completely from this work our lives evolved and we developed our careers and our own businesses. Those in the music industry will understand, that enthusiasm and association with the music industry sits in the very core of who you are. We had the opportunity to convert some of our building space into a recording studio and have spent a considerable time setting it up in a way to help bands feel comfortable and relaxed. This gets the very best out of the space.

Area 51 Recording Studios allow you to experiment, practise and record, if that is what you want - at sensible prices. Helping bands grow whilst covering our costs (plus making a little for ourselves of course) is what we are looking for. We have created this space through our passion and desire to work with bands, to provide a relaxed and non pretentious space packed with some really special equipment. Book some time here - try it.

Why Area 51? For those that are not familiar with the location and the history, what is now Base Park at Rendlesham used to be the USAF Bentwaters Base. One of the worlds best reported alien sighting was reported just down the road in Rendlesham forest (UFO in Rendlesham). With stories of UFO's, links with the United States Air Force and a runway the name Area 51 seemed perfect.

If you are visiting the area there is a full UFO trail that has been developed in the nearby Rendlesham Forest.

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